Need content that connects with developers?

If your company's tech blog is light on content, I can help! As both an experienced web developer and content creator, I can create quality technical tutorials that developers love to read.

And since I have over 100k developers following me on social channels I can effectively promote your content.


I'll help you build interactive browser-based coding tutorials that allow developers to try your product without the hassle of installing locally.

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What I can do for you

  • Long-form technical articles that will resonate with developers - because they're written by a developer.
  • Content that is both search-engine optimized and social-media optimized ensuring it will find your audience.
  • Deep dives into topics rather than the surface level concepts.
  • Code examples that are interesting to developers and follow best practices.

My technical expertise

I have extensive experience as a web developer and deep knowledge of cutting-edge technologies, including:

  • Frontend - Vue.js, React
  • Languages - JavaScript, PHP
  • Web performance & optimization
  • Backend - Node, Laravel
  • Web architecture - Jamstack
  • Web dev tooling - Vite, Webpack

Want me to write your next blog post?